Wake Up Eager To Start The Day and Make a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Families 
Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification™
A Powerful 6-Month Program For Professionals Who Want To Make a
Bigger Impact
Learn Specific Techniques That Are Rooted In Neuroscience and Proven To Alleviate Stress and Overwhelm
Next Live Training Begins: 
November, 2018
*Get clear about your best next step, and together we’ll decide if our program is a good fit for the difference you want to make in the world. *
Learn Essential Skills to Calm Challenging Behavior, Boost Your Confidence, and Get Parents on Board
If you are…
  •  Experiencing job burnout from working with the same clients who don’t seem to improve.
  •  Tired of using the same methods over and over and are feeling stuck.
  •  Feel like you’re lacking the tools and resources to truly make a difference in the lives of the families you serve.
...You’re not alone.

I felt the same way, until I discovered the key to bringing joy, passion, and success back into my work life.

The key was putting together tools and resources, rooted in brain science, that help parents and children communicate more effectively while creating peace at home.

Now it’s your turn.
I want you to have the opportunity to learn my techniques, get good at transforming families with the Mad2Glad Blueprint, and become a Certified Parent Coach so that you feel equipped to thrive in your practice. At the same time you will equip families with the tools they need to thrive and, quite simply, have more fun doing it.

This program is designed to teach you the coaching skills that are essential to shifting parent perspectives and open them up to making positive changes that help children become calmer, more cooperative, and happy.

Happy children equals happy parents.

Happy parents turn into happy clients.

And happy clients make your work more enjoyable. Happy clients also like to spread the word about their success so all their friends experience happiness too, which sets the foundation for your practice to grow and thrive.

You have a big PURPOSE…to make a difference in children’s lives in a way that reduces stress, enhances connection, and draws out their gifts.

It’s time to FEEL GOOD while doing this meaningful work!

Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification™ program gives you everything you need to…
  • Deeply resolve your client's problems and restore harmony. No more disjointed solutions that do little to shift parent-child dysfunction patterns.
  • Keep yourself and your clients’ accountable to long lasting, positive results.
  • Create a future for yourself that’s founded on a rewarding career. Everyone deserves the opportunity to wake up eager to start the day and work in a career they are passionate about.
I know that when my staff and I are struggling with a particular child, I can count on these techniques to truly help us understand what is going on with the whole family. This program taught us how to help challenging children be successful at home. And in turn, we learned to be successful as well!! Samantha’s knowledge, patience and amazing way of communicating has been priceless!!!
~Lisa Miller – Owner of Tender Learning Center.
Next Live Training Begins:
November, 2018! 
What’s Included in the Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification™ Program
When you enroll in my 6-month program, you’ll receive...

Complimentary Access
to all eight Mad2Glad Blueprint™ (parent) video modules (approx. 1 hour apiece). Click Here or Icon for Blueprint Outline
One Complimentary Registration
for a family of your choice to go through the Mad2Glad Blueprint™ as a volunteer for your hands-on coaching experience ($597 value).
Bi-Monthly Group Training Calls
with specific instruction on how to coach your volunteer family through each module and additional Q & A.
Live Experiential 
Coaching Labs
to practice core coaching competencies that are essential to shifting perspective and parenting style, suggested by the International Coach Federation
in the Mad2Glad online directory.
Three private 30-minute calls
 for peer mentor support from a graduate of the Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification™ program.
Inclusion in a 
Peer Pod
with 2-3 other members of the program for intimate peer support, coaching practice, and master minding along the way--many of these turn into lifelong friendships!
Mad2Glad Certification Manual

Special Access
to the private Mad2Glad Coaches Facebook community for peer support, instant feedback, and mentoring.
Exclusive Permission
to brand yourself as a Mad2Glad Certified Parent Coach™ for 12 months upon completion of certification
*Important BONUS: Professional Development Hours*
During my certification program, you’ll have the opportunity to rack up 40 clock hours for Professional Development. What a great way to get the hours you need to advance your career and retain your professional license! 
BONUS: Connect and Engage With Other Great Entrepreneurs During LIVE Events 
When you join the Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification™ Program, you’ll be invited to join me for a handful of live events during the course of your training. 

Events include:
  •  Two hour kickoff retreat. During this event you will get your course materials, meet other amazing professionals who you will be learning with side-by-side, and connect with the Mad2Glad peer mentor coaches. This event will be hosted via Zoom video conferencing.
  •  End of course celebration. At the end of your 6 month program, we’ll celebrate your certification with another fun, local social event. For people who are out of state or cannot attend, this event can be watched via Zoom video conferencing.
Success Stories from Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification™ Grads…

“The Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification is content rich yet laid out in a simple and easy to use format for both the professional and parent. Samantha’s gift of pulling people together helped create a sense of family amongst the other professionals in the program. It was affirming to build a network of like-minded professionals that brainstormed with each other as questions arose. It’s a gift to coach parents through their journey in creating the joyful and loving connection they seek to have with their children. I am so grateful that a professional training program such as Mad2Glad exists.” - Anne Gerber

Once I discovered the principles in the Mad2Glad program, it transformed my family. I learned to how to create a different connection with my children that provides a solid foundation from which we can now work through challenges through connection versus anger. I was a certified life coach and was inspired to become a parent coach through Mad2Glad to help other parents find the joy our family found. - Suz Roemer Feely

“Before I became a Mad2Glad Certified Parent Coach, I struggled with finding the right words to explain behaviors and parenting strategies when I was working with parents. Also, I didn't have a strong understanding of the neuroscience behind children's behaviors. Now I know to communicate with parents in a way that motivates them to make changes. I have much more confidence in my ability to facilitate enriching discussions with parents about parenting strategies and the neuroscience behind children's behaviors. - Danielle DeRose

Next Live Training Begins
November, 2018
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Enhance your learning experience and equip yourself with the business tools to build a thriving practice.
“Build A Thriving Practice” with Mad2Glad’s Business-in-a-Box program. This additional program is a download of Samantha Moe’s business model. It includes essential tools, resources, and education that will enable you to easily establish your private practice and become known in your community so you can attract new clients to your door who are excited to work with you.
This additional program includes…
  •  Educational tools and resources that will enable you to easily conduct your own 8 Pillars of Parenting workshops, including...
  •  Recording of the 8 Pillars of Parenting workshop to watch.
  • Training video that shares "behind the scenes" info on getting more people interested in working with you.
  • “How to” manual for giving the talk to a group of people.
  • PowerPoint Slides to use when giving the 8 Pillars talk .
  • Instruction on how to have an authentic sales conversation that will inspire new clients to work with you.
  •  All the documents Samantha Moe uses from start-to-finish to guide clients through coaching (including: Intake form, Session Prep form, Progress Review form, Gathering a Testimonial template, and more!).
  •  Guest expert interviews with leaders in the field of professional speaking, Profit First accounting, Soulful Sales, and more!
  •  Handouts, checklists, and templates on important topics like how to start an LLC and finding your unique Zone of Genius.
  •  Top business tool recommendations to automate scheduling and send free email campaigns so communication is easy and takes less of your precious time.
This program is important and goes hand-in-hand with getting certified as a Mad2Glad Parent Coach. It’s designed specifically to help make life easier for you once you become certified, which is why I offer it only to the people in my program.  

Upgrade now, and you can access the program for only $997 (over a $1,000 savings!).  

Upgrade after you’ve completed certification, and it will cost $2,000 to access the program.
Certification Program Overview
Note: All LIVE trainings will be recorded so not to worry if you can’t make it. You can access at your convenience. You will be supported in these five ways:
1.  Twice monthly group calls with Samantha
2.  Mad2Glad Mentor Coach calls with a Mad2Glad Grad (3 x 30 minutes)
3.  Inclusion in a Peer Pod with 2-3 other members of the program
4.  Weekly transformational coaching labs Months 3 & 4
5.  24/7 access to the professional Mad2Glad coaching community on Facebook

  • Receive access to ALL Blueprint materials with videos on the 8 Pillars of Parenting.
  • Watch 1 Pillar of Parenting per week (60 minutes) along with Expert Training (30 minutes). * Pillars 1 through 4
  • Locate your volunteer client.
  • Begin coaching your volunteer client--complete sessions 1 and 2 (we recommend a 45-minute session twice per month).
  • Watch 1 Pillar of Parenting per week (60 minutes) along with Expert Training (30 minutes). * Pillars 5 through 8.
  • Continue coaching your volunteer client--complete sessions 3 and 4.
  • Continue coaching your volunteer client--complete session 5 and 6.
  • Complete coaching sessions 7 and 8 with your volunteer client. 
  • Get feedback from your client, and prepare for the certification exam.
  • Month 6 is often needed to complete coaching with your volunteer client due to unplanned scheduling hiccups from illness, vacation, holiday, school break, etc. We want you to feel comfortable knowing there is a buffer month if you need it.
  • Complete the Mad2Glad Evaluation process that includes a written exam, review of client feedback form, and mock coaching session with Samantha or another coach on the leadership team.
  • Once you get certified, you will be listed in the online directory, earn your badges, receive your Mad2Glad Certified Parent Coach certificate, and your Mad2Glad Certified PC Logo for use on biz cards, website, letterhead, and other marketing collateral.
Your coaching certification allows you to work one-on-one with clients. Additional training is required to conduct public speaking or group workshops.

This Program Isn’t For Everyone… But It Might Be Just What YOU Need to Make a Difference!
Because we’ll be spending 6 months together, I want to know more about you, your work, and your goals. To ensure we are the right fit for each other, I require that you fill out an application and join me on a phone call to discuss the program.

If it’s a good fit, I will invite you to officially join my Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification™ program! If not, that’s ok too. I will be happy to point you to other resources that could serve you better at this time! 

Please complete your career goals form and let me help you find your BEST NEXT STEPS – be it with me or not. I am happy to serve.
Your Information is Never Shared and is Kept 100% Private.
Next Live Training Begins:
November, 2018! 
Mad2Glad Parent Coaching Certification Program: Refund Policy
 Mad2Glad’s Parent Coaching Certification™ program is specifically designed to serve your clients more impactfully and to help you grow your practice. Experience has shown that the program works if you work it, and we love guiding leaders through the process. However, if you decide after working through the first 2 Modules, attending group training calls, participating in the Facebook group at least 2 times in the first month, and working through your concerns with your peer mentor coach that this program is not a match, I’ll refund 80% of your tuition. To qualify for this you must meet the above requirements and have brought up your concerns about the program with Samantha on a 1:1 call. After 30 days of program start date,, I will assume we are moving forward together consciously, and on the same page, so no further cancellations or refund requests will be granted. 

About Samantha Moe

Samantha Moe started her career as a Speech Language Pathologist in 2004 with a passion to help unlock the gifts of children with Autism. Since then, she has used her strong background in direct services to families with interdisciplinary training alongside her expertise in sensory integration, play therapy and emotional integration, to start her business, Mad2Glad, and coach parents of all types of children to better help them communicate and connect with their kids.
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