From Chaos to Calm For Frazzled Parents

  • Are you stressed out & exhausted?
  • Do you feel like you’re failing as a parent & destroying your relationship with your child?
  • Do you wish you had someone to turn to who understood what you are going through?

Parent coaching gives you:

  • Relief from guilt and frustration
  • Greater confidence
  • Less stress
  • More peace at home

Learn the 10 Hidden Parenting Landmines You Can Avoid to Restore Your Energy and Sanity

Do you wish you had the “magic answer” to make things better?

Family dynamics are complex, especially when you have a demanding child. You may find yourselves butting heads due to their need to be in control. The constant baiting, button-pushing and limit-testing pushes you over the edge until you’re angry and yelling, then filled with a heavy, burdensome guilt. You want to enjoy spending time with your child but instead you feel disrespected and like you are living in a war zone. It’s time to regain your authority – and your sanity!

Parents that get the most out of my programs…

  • Believe a parent’s role is to help a child feel safe, connected and loved rather than trying to change who the child is
  • Are seeking a holistic approach to get to the root of the problem versus masking symptoms or behaviors with medication
  • Are committed to understanding and accepting their child, regardless of “labels” or diagnoses.
  • Take ownership and accept responsibility of the critical role parents play in addressing the problem and nurturing their child’s development
  • Believe that children provide opportunities for parents to grow

As a Certified Parent Coach I work with Moms and Dads just like you – parents who are tired of the struggle and ready to change!

The ‘Intense Brain Child’

I am at the end of my rope!

Does your child rule the roost? Are they defiant and disrespectful?

If you’re tired of walking on eggshells, and constantly worried about what will set them off, you are in the right place. Children who are highly reactive and have a tendency toward anxiety and anger often get triggered by minor irritations that can ruin an entire day. This often leads to yelling and fighting that makes you feel like a bad parent, and stuck because you don’t know what else to do.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I’m afraid if I don’t get my child under control something will go wrong.
  • I constantly wonder, “What have I done? What was the trigger?”
  • I am sick of the struggle.
  • My marriage and life feel like they’re falling apart.

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I want to do my best.

Do you worry about parenting “wrong”? Are you secretly afraid that your child is acting up because of something you’re doing?

If you feel like parenting is hard and frequently find yourself frustrated, impatient, and stressed out, you’re not alone. Working, raising a family, and trying to find balance is not easy! Add your spirited or strong-willed children’s natural tendency for testing limits and refusing to follow directions and it’s no wonder you sometimes yell, bribe, threaten, and want to give up. You’re not a bad parent but you could use some support!

Does this sound familiar?

  • I feel guilty for getting angry and yelling, again.
  • I never have enough time.
  • I have good intentions so why are we struggling?
  • I’m afraid I’m destroying my child’s psyche.

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I want to make a difference (Professionals)

How can I better assist my clients.

Are you struggling with how to help your clients once they go home? Do you want to feel like you make a difference?

If you’re a therapist or educator who works with families there are typical “hot spots” where families fall apart.

You’ll notice:

  • Children not listening to their parents
  • Yelling & threatening, w/no lasting impact
  • Families feeling stressed out and unhappy

As a result of these obstacles, your client’s goals take a lot more time and energy because how well families communicate greatly impacts progress. Sadly, your efforts for improving lives takes years instead of months. At times you feel discouraged, helpless, and wonder if what you’re doing is even worth it!

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| Samantha Moe

I grew up being told, “Everyone has a gift. After completing my Master’s degree in Communication Disorders from the University of MN, I embarked on a journey for uncovering the gifts of children with Autism. Combining a strong background in direct services to families with interdisciplinary training alongside experts in sensory integration, play therapy and emotional integration, my work evolved into coaching parents of all types of children to help them calm, connect and cooperate.

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The “Intense Brain Child”

90% of the parents I work with have a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Autism, ODD, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or another combination of letters that indicate difficulties with calm, attention and connection.  It often seems like nothing works with these intense children but please don’t get stuck in the diagnosis trap.  There is hope!

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Are you frustrated with your child’s poor listening, defiance and lack of self-control? Attend a local workshop or webinar to discover the number one reason for intense behavior and what you may be doing that unintentionally fuels the fire.

My two most popular presentations are:

Mindful Parenting

Discover 8 Pillars to Stop the Yelling, Fighting and Frustration

Create Calm: Without the Storm!

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Parent coaching gives you:

  • Relief from guilt and frustration
  • Greater confidence
  • Less stress
  • More peace at home

Learn the 10 Hidden Parenting Landmines You Can Avoid to Restore Your Energy and Sanity