2 Easy Ways To Tell The Truth

By March 29, 2016 Communication 2 Comments

Telling the truth is not always easy for kids.  It’s not always easy for adults either.

Last week, on two separate occasions, I was asked by worried parents, “What should we say to the relatives about our kids’ bad behavior?  They’ll be staying overnight at our house!”

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the truth.  Listen to this week’s Mad2Glad Parenting Tip for 2 Easy Ways To Tell The Truth.


After listening to the audio, take a moment and imagine what it would be like to communicate in such a transparent way.  

2 Easy Ways To Tell The Truth:

  1. Admit, “Things have been stressful around here lately and we’re trying new strategies to make it more peaceful.”
  2. Acknowledge aloud, “I feel embarrassed because what we’re trying feels really messy right now.  I’m worried about what you are thinking. . . “

Do these truth statements bring you relief?  Nervousness?  Another feeling?

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I’d love to hear from you now…

What have you said to gain others’ acceptance of your sometimes messy circumstance?  

Your comment is important and may be exactly what another parent needs to read in order to feel more grounded.  Please take a moment to share in the comments below.


  • Sarah says:

    Thank you, Samantha. It’s so hard to voice what we’re going through and get past the shame. I feel like I could really tell it truthfully the way you explained it because it feels like I’m accepting that I’m not a perfect parent, but I’m also showing how hard I’m trying. Thank you. This gives me one more tool.

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