[2 Min Video] Letting Go Of ONE Thing Reconnected Father And Son

Mid-summer is the perfect time for letting go of things that stress you out.

It’s easy for me because July 29 is my birthday.  To this day, I uphold my family’s tradition on taking vacation by a lake and enjoying outdoor time.  I let go of long work-days, perfectionism, and worry.

Mad2Glad Parents have been sharing what 1 thing they are letting go of in our private Facebook community…

Watch this week’s 2-minute Mad2Glad Parenting video to hear what one dad let go of, and is now reaping the reward of connection time with his son.

What 1 thing can you LET GO of to enjoy summer with the family?  Leave a comment below.

AND, if you’re planning ahead for the upcoming school year and need to reverse “brain-fried” syndrome (agitated, angry, demanding, anti-social) from being plugged into electronics, check out our step-by-step protocol to get your kids off the screens.  Help them refresh their brain for connection and learning here.

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