2 Self-Care Solutions for the Modern Educator

If your nerves are frayed and you find yourself complaining about a job you once loved – working with children – it may be that you live in a world of “so that.”

MEA is a time where we celebrate educators and give them an opportunity to learn, connect, and refresh.  In order to do so, we need to start by acknowledging this common deficit called Living-In-A-World-Of-So-That.

Discover what this deficit means and 2 self-care solutions to restore your love of work.


You wake up bright and early:

“So that” you have time to get ready…

“So that” you can have breakfast and get to work (and help your kids do the same)…

“So that” you can help guide and raise an entire classroom of children…

“So that” you can get home at a reasonable time in order to have dinner….

“So that” you can complete the daily chores (and help your kids do the same)….

“So that” you drop into bed at 10 pm exhausted, only to begin again the next day!

Add the daunting assignment of trying to positively deal with challenging behaviors and it’s no wonder you feel especially tired.

When you have the job of raising and guiding children to be successful at life there are times when work feels extra difficult.

You likely see behavior in your classroom/office that stems from factors outside your control and no matter what tools you try they don’t seem to alleviate the root of children’s anger, defiance, or disrespect.

When we look deeply at the family dynamic we begin seeing signs of stress, tension, and lack of positive parenting strategies to calm intense behavior that are essential to helping kids succeed at listening, focusing, and getting along.

It’s frustrating but there are 2 solutions to restoring your love of work again:

  1. Control what you can
  2. Influence what you can’t control

#1 – Control what you can.

If you are Living-In-A-World-Of-So-That it’s time to reflect on what would make you happy.  Imagine you had 3-minutes per day to do anything you wanted.

What would you do…close your eyes for a few minutes?  Drink your tea or coffee sitting down instead of chugging it standing up?

Small, incremental shifts in how you approach your day are the first step to finding contentment.

These shifts build on one another and before you know it you’re taking the leap and imagining what would make you happy if you had 2-hours per week to do anything you wanted.  And then 4-hours once a month!

You can’t control the amount of paperwork you have to do each day, or the standards you’re required to follow, or what goes on in the homes of the kids you work with.  But you can control whether you choose to take time for yourself!

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#2 – Influence what you can’t control.

You know a lot about children but maybe you’re not specifically trained to calm challenging behavior or motivate parents to shift their approach.  That’s ok – Mad2Glad is entirely devoted to helping Educators, OTs/SLPs and Therapists add these tools to the toolbox!

One educator told us, “Before learning Mad2Glad Parent Coaching tips and techniques I had whatever I could piece together from excellent, though disjointed, trainings I had received from various early childhood conferences, trainings, workshops, classes, and books.  Now, I have a cohesive plan that I can implement in my classrooms and solid suggestions to offer parents when they ask!

If you want some proven tools to calm challenging behavior and help your most difficult kids succeed sign up for the free webinar we’re teaching on Friday, October 26, 2018 @ 12pm CT.  

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We’ll teach for an hour … plan on receiving practical tips and ideas you can implement immediately.

There’s a big difference between “getting through” the school year and making the most of it by equipping yourself with new skills.

When you take the opportunity to make the most of your work, you draw out the most gifts from children – and that’s what makes a meaningful difference!

Download our free Modern Self-Care Ideas here. 

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