[3 min video] What Halloween Teaches Us About Homework

Did you enjoy Halloween?

In terms of season, October is a lovely month in Minnesota because of the changing color of the leaves and transitioning to soft, bulky sweaters that are great for feeling relaxed.

However, in terms of school and holidays, this is when stress starts ramping up.  The honeymoon period from the start of the school year has typically worn off by now and reality hits when you get the report on how your child is truly doing during parent-teacher conferences.

On top of that we have Halloween trick-or-treating, an overabundance of sugar, and sometimes late nights.  

If you’re bracing yourself for the whirlwind of November and December holidays, which often means parties, family gatherings, and more of the above I want to let you in on a little secret…

…bad behavior is commonly a signal that there is a missing “skill.”

And “skills” can be taught, so that’s the good news.  (The bad news is we usually see bad behavior as intentional and within a child’s control.  More on that in the video.)

Check out this week’s 3-minute Mad2Glad Parenting Tip for a quick dose of perspective.

After watching the video, did you notice how homework and organization is actually a “skill” that can be taught?

Work with your child, their teacher, and maybe even a Mad2Glad Parent Coach to develop a plan for getting through homework without tears and turning it in promptly for good scores.

I’d love to hear from you now…

what “skill” is your child missing that would traditionally be considered a bad behavior?  

Your comment is important and may be exactly what another parent needs to read.  Please take a moment to share in the comments below.

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