3 Positive Parenting Strategies To Raise Siblings Who Love Each Other

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You want your child to love their siblings.

Siblings who have witnessed each other’s lives have the potential to bring deepest awareness around who we really are, simply because they have seen more of our “range.”  Range of good and  bad, range of successes and failures.  

They know when we are being courageous and vulnerable, and also when are hiding behind a self-built wall for protection.

My sister, Senia Mae, knows all about my range.  We didn’t become friends until I was in my 20’s due to her being four years older and one of the “big kids” whereas I was one of the “little kids.”

As an acupuncturist and herbalist, she helped me heal from serious health complications in 2008, including autoimmune disease, carrying 70# of extra weight, and long-standing digestive problems that were rooted in childhood anxiety.

She is being honored this week for “Happy & Healthy Week” by Twin Cities Live and I want to jump on the bandwagon by sharing how much happiness and health she’s brought into my life and give you the same opportunity to benefit from her amazingness.

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Plus, I want to shine a light on what we do to keep loving each other so that you can teach these to your kids!


3 Positive Parenting Strategies To Raise Siblings Who Love Each Other 

  1. Acknowledge strengths and unique gifts aloud.  For example, “Senia is fabulous at being in the media to inspire change, and dressing to the nine’s.  Samantha is great at being on stage as a professional speaker and offering practical, heartfelt parenting strategies.”
  2. Teach the skill of expressing difficult emotions and taking ownership. For example, Person A: “I felt disappointed when you said I’m over-sensitive.  I know I have big feelings and do my best to express them in a way that isn’t overwhelming.”  Person B: “I’m sorry what I said made you feel bad.  Sometimes I am not in a place where I can be emotionally supportive and I should have let you know rather than judging you.”
  3. Model language that celebrates one’s accomplishments and encourages Vision.  For example, when one of us has something fabulous like a new dress or business opportunity we literally say aloud “That’s For Me!”  This allows us to express desire without jealousy and opens a conversation on what we can do to move in that exciting direction ourselves.

Family connections can be some of our greatest teachers to catalyze growth and healing.  

Remember to use positive language with your kids, your co-parent, your friends and others around you so that you practice happiness, rather than sinking into negativity.

Modeling this makes it much easier to shift your kids’ sibling rivalry into love and respect.

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