3 principles for success

Here are three principles to set any child up for success:

1- Fulfill your child’s sensory needs by proactively involving him in activities that engage his senses and help to organize his brain and calm his body.  For example, as an after-school game do “wheelbarrow” walking with him from one side of the room to the other, allowing him to choose one of the piles of toys hidden under a blanket, which you can then play together.

2- Build the emotional connection between parent and child by providing Heartfelt Appreciation (aka “positive reinforcement”).  For example, “When you put your legos in the basket instead of throwing them against the wall I feel so proud of you because it shows me how responsible you are for helping to keep the peace in our house.”

3- Enter your child’s world by doing activities that are of interest to him For example, ask your child to pick the toys you two can play with together for 20 minutes.  Teach him how take turns around the train track or respond to Spiderman, the bully.  These fun interactions will put a twinkle in his eye, which tells you his brain is in a space for learning – and you’ll enjoy it too!

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