[4 Min Video] When Behaviors Take A Turn For the Worse, Try This

Behaviors take a turn for the worse at fairly predictable times of the year.  The start of the school year, seasonal (and weather) changes, holidays, and the end of the school year are some of these times.

As a smart, loving parent, you’re already aware of the basics to ease these transitory times.  

Having a routine, providing positive reinforcement, and carving out special time for happy interactions are tried and true, for sure!

But for those moments when your child needs EXTRA support there’s a parenting strategy not-often-taught, yet predictably helps your child relax so being together is more fun.

Check it out here.

After watching the video consider this…

In what moments can I begin to practice this “babysitter effect” of showing interest when my child is eager to learn and LET GO of other teachable moments so they can relax and recover?

During high stress times, challenge yourself to capture only 1 of 3 teachable moments so you can feel like you’re still doing a good job parenting, but also practicing the subtle aspect of what children need to develop into their bright, happy selves.

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