Have you ever wondered how to reset your capacity to handle the stresses of daily life?

If you picture your typical week, it probably involves some type of work, household chores, interpersonal time and (hopefully) some type of exercise.  There’s an obvious benefit to each activity, such as generating an income, feeding your family and maintaining your health.

But when you do all these things week after week, do you ever notice how your zest for each activity – as well as for life – starts to wane?  And how your patience and tolerance slowly but steadily diminishes?

Now what happens when you take an entire weekend off or even just set aside a couple hours from a typical day to shake things up a little?  Let’s say you do something creative like painting, redecorating or taking that Zumba class you’ve wanted to try.  Don’t you notice resurging inner strength, greater patience, deeper breaths of relief and stronger resilience?

Taking a break from your normal routine offers greater benefits than keeping a full schedule.  Making a point to infuse laughter into your day unleashes the natural Dopamine that hangs out in your brain just waiting for an opportunity to do its thing.

Laughing releases Dopamine.  This results in you feeling even more connected to yourself and others, as well as more loving.  You then become emotionally stronger and return to the tasks in your typical routine with greater tolerance, focus and zest.  These are the same benefits your child experiences from 15 minutes of unrestricted, child-centered, multisensory play!

Broaden your perspective and enhance your family dynamic by playing with your child, which will naturally help her develop a strong sense of self rather than becoming a prepackaged receptor for concepts and ideas.  Support her creativity, and you will set her up for success to express her unique self and manifest her true desires in life.  You are the parent of a child who will change the world with her gifts!

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