A Leap Of Faith Overturns Uncontrollable Emotional Outbursts

Jill is the mother of an 8-year-old boy who had uncontrollable emotional outbursts DAILY.  These outbursts turned their house upside down, affected the older son, and caused so much stress that her marriage was really struggling.

Jill and her husband, who are scientists by trade, took their son to a pediatric psychologist who was highly trained, very competent and actually quite delightful.  For a full year, the child attended weekly cognitive behavioral therapy and was given tools that he could use in heat-of-moment but what happened was there was no noticeable improvement.

After thousands of dollars and many trips to the pediatric psychologist, they gave up.

The traditional cognitive behavioral approach sounded logical and intuitive but it didn’t work for their family.  Jill said, “I felt frustrated…hopeless.  I didn’t know what to do.”

Then she heard about the Mad2Glad Blueprint and parent coaching.  After a phone consultation where she shared what wasn’t working at home and what she wanted instead, Jill decided to enroll in Mad2Glad parent coaching.

Immediately, what she noticed was that the emphasis of the program was on her and her husband, not their 8-year-old son.

Over 4-5 month, Jill and her family found Relief because she:

  •      Became armed with a big toolbox to use in various situations
  •      Got smart and became open to applying different tactics
  •      Discovered how to manage her own behavior since her son wasn’t in capacity to do so
  •      Learned the neuroscience about why the outbursts appeared and how to prevent them
  •      Developed a better communication style with her husband
  •      Recognized that in order to decrease her son’s escalating behavior she had to stay calm and refrain from fire with fire

Now all of those are really important skills, but the life-changing transformation occurred when she realized, “I was behind a lot of this, in the sense that I wasn’t able to stay calm.”

Listen to Jill’s 12-minute story here to learn what it took for her to take a leap of faith here.

It makes sense how families get stressed out and enter the negative downward spiral but there is a way out!

First and foremost, when your child turns up the volume don’t turn up yours.  When you learn to engage in a calm way and not elevate, situations defuse a lot more quickly.

At Mad2Glad we recognize the milestones of a family that is rewiring how they interact, and Jill kindly shared a few of the specific changes she saw as a result of parent coaching:

  •      Fewer, shorter outbursts
  •      Improved communication with husband, and a feeling of support
  •      Encouragement from spouse that what you’re doing is working, and to keep going
  •      Better teamwork, where one parent steps in if the other can’t be in a heated situation in a way that defuses emotional intensity
  •      Longer, happy, peaceful periods between situations.
  •      Easier transitions.  From getting dressed to leaving the house in the morning, to eating dinner if it’s not something the child wants, to completing homework.
  •      More harmony

Still wondering if Mad2Glad parent coaching can help you?  We understand it can feel like a leap of faith, especially if you have tried other modalities.

So we asked Jill what advice she had for parents like you.

She said, “You may feel hopeless right now…extremely frustrated…at your wits end.  Try to have a general openness to try something new and different because you have a role.  You have a small child who needs your emotional support.  The change is not incumbent on them.  It’s about how you can change your behavior. Be patient.  Be as consistent as you can be.  Get your partner on the same page if you have one.  Recognize and celebrate small victories with your child and as a family.  And stick to it; you are setting your child up for a successful teenage and adult life.  This is worth the investment of time and monetary resources.”

4-5 months ago Jill was skeptical if parent coaching would shift her family from mad to glad.  She was personally frustrated and angry much of the time.

But what she found was that the neuroscience behind the Mad2Glad Blueprint and the step-by-step strategies were solid and helped her move forward.

Fortunately for Jill and her whole family, she trusted her gut, her heart, and her faith that this approach would be right for her family.  She saw accounts from other families and recognized her own in the stories they shared.

Our Mad2Glad approach is gentle, rooted in experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge training.

As Jill said, she “hopes it brings other families positive experiences” and that is why she graciously shared her story.

If this speaks to You and you want to explore how to create more Peace and Enjoyment set up a consultation today.

If we can help we’ll let you know.  If you need another resource we’ll let you know that too!

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