Parent coaching makes us stop and think rather than flying off the handle. We’re all on the same page now with less yelling or blaming. We’ve changed the way we act and think and now have a positive focus (and action steps) for helping the kids grow into what we truly want them to become…happy.



Parent coaching has brought very positive changes in our family’s energy. More happiness, less frustration, less anger and less extreme ups and downs. Before working with Brightening Connections things that were normal everyday events such as getting dressed and leaving the house would frequently turn into out-of-control events full of negative emotional energy which would impact the rest of the day. With our new parenting tools we have been able to diffuse and move on from situations that were once uncontrollable, overwhelming and all-consuming. With the 5 Polka Dots framework to guide us we are now able to have more fun together, enjoy daily life and be the family we want to be.



When our twins were born we were shot out the parental cannon and launched into reality. Life went from zero to sixty in nine short months. Three years later my youngest daughter was born with multiple medical issues, and our “cannon” again blew us into the stratosphere–a level for which I felt completely ill-prepared. I went into autopilot–literally survival mode—as we traded medical fragility for challenging behavior (our youngest is as strong-willed as they come). On the advice of a friend we sought the help of Samantha who helped us discover the key to unlocking our daughter’s brain. We didn’t need to fix HER anymore. We needed to fix our broken parenting, which Samantha helped us through easily by spoon-feeding us specific measures to change the family dynamics ASAP.



“Parent coaching has been a HUGE blessing to our family. The practical ideas change the intense brain chemistry in both my son and daughter. As parents we also laugh more as we build each other up – heartfelt appreciation has done so much for the kids AND for us as husband and wife! The shift of stress is changing… it has become more calm and peaceful in our home and we look forward to continuing working together for more positive changes.”



The 5 Polka Dot Potion is amazing! It’s great to have a way to stop chaotic behavior without spanking and screaming. Instead I can let my kids know how their actions make me feel and why. I love the connection I’m getting with my kids and when we have playdates at our home, the parents and kids know our house rules. This has helped maintain a shred of peace when 12 kids of various ages are running amok.