My mission to help parents feel less stress and have more peace is inspired by something greater than professional satisfaction.

Here are my top two personal reasons:

1) I envision a world where all children feel nurtured and want to be in relationship with their parents when they grow up.

Growing up in a family of seven people made for very complex family dynamics! My mom consistently conveyed how special I was to her, which was easily felt when she looked at me, hugged me, and talked with me. I trusted her love completely and didn’t take it critically when I was reprimanded by her. My dad conveyed his love in a different way. He instilled a deep sense of confidence, achievement, and responsibility in me. He provided for our family by taking jobs that made enough money to go above and beyond the basics but his work stressed him out. As a sensitive and perceptive child, I loved him profoundly but also internalized this stress.

2) I believe you can overcome any obstacle, given the right tools, and enjoy your life!

Beginning in 2007, I suffered from fevers, chronic fatigue, and terrible stomach pain that lasted for three years. Sick and curled up in the fetal position on my couch for nine months ­­ with no effective ”cures” from traditional medicine ­­ I finally found relief through energy medicine and life coaching. Committed to fix the root of my exhaustion, I discovered how profoundly the emotional stress from my corporate work environment and chemical stress from my traditional American diet was draining my energy, health and well­being.

Since my miraculous recovery in 2010, I have been on a mission to help others restore themselves to a vibrant and healthy state, using holistic approaches that empower you to take back your life. I firmly believe that just because you have a challenging child doesn’t mean you have to be “sick” with stress, worry, or despair. You can find emotional well­being, peace, and happiness again.

Now, here’s the “official” professional bio 🙂

Parent coaching gives you:

  • Relief from guilt and frustration
  • Greater confidence
  • Less stress
  • More peace at home

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