A change is as good as a rest. ~ Stephen King

Am I a bad parent?


Taking a popular word from your toddler’s vocabulary we wish to firmly, yet kindly, answer your concerns about parenting and parent coaching to put it in a nutshell.

There’s not something wrong with you or your parenting intuition.  You won’t need a specialist forever to train you as the expert in your family.   There is not something inherently bad within your child.  We’re not fake.

Do you have questions about exactly what this parent coaching field is all about?  We’ve heard four questions time and again so let us ease your worries and empower you with answers.

 1)    If I’m seeking parent coaching does it mean I’m a bad parent who doesn’t know what they’re doing?

No.  If you’re seeking coaching it means your natural, parenting intuition is telling you:

a)    Your family dynamic isn’t everything you want it to be and you want to create a happier family.


b)    Your child demonstrates intense behavior that isn’t impacted by traditional parenting techniques so you could use a new approach.

Parent coaching is meant to create happy children and happy families through customized techniques that the average parent hasn’t been clued-in on yet.  Being willing to try something new and shift your child from mad to glad means you’re a good parent.

2)    Is there something wrong with my child, which is the reason why he throws tantrums, won’t listen and fights me?

No. There is a message underlying all behaviors; you might just need someone to help sharpen your behavior detective skills.  Kids who are Gifted and Talented and/or have a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or FAS often have a gap in their emotional skills.  When you learn how to fill that gap their intense brains calm down and they become good listeners with better self-control and relationship skills.

3)    Is Parent Coaching a made-up service?

No. Parent coaching is real and to become certified one must undergo training.  Our professional training is through the Center for the Challenging Child and requires a four-year degree in any child related field.  Fortunately, we have a firm background of direct service to families with our M.A. in Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota and extensive work experiences that boosted our expertise in play, behavior, emotion and Autism.  All parent coaches come from different backgrounds.  We’re confident ours lends to quick, transformative results.

4)    Does Parent Coaching last forever?

No.  It is true that once you become a parent you get to claim that title forever, however, we wish to bestow an extra title upon you…expert!  Since 2004 we’ve carefully studied not only how to transform any child from mad to glad, but we’ve made it our mission to empower parents with the tools to overcome barriers and pursue happy, meaningful lives.

So, did we answer ‘em all?  When it comes to your child and family we wish you peace of mind and ease.  If you have lingering thoughts or questions please leave a comment below.  We love to hear about your experience on the parenting – and parent coaching – journey!

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