Rid Yourself Of Summer Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed this summer?

Is your plate overflowing with work, play-dates, summer activities and appointments?

Summertime FUN is not JUST for your child.  It needs to be for YOU too!

The challenging part for most parents is figuring out HOW to have fun.  Or, to be more precise, how to find the TIME for fun.

If you fall into the category of “Nope, fun is not for me –  That’s selfish –  Not enough time leftover,” then I want to challenge you.

When you designate one hour every week to do something you enjoy it decreases stress and increases resilience.  This can be translated as “less yelling in anger and more patience.”  🙂

Doesn’t it make sense that taking time for yourself actually helps your child and family dynamic?

Check out my quick 2-minute video on what I do every week to decrease summer overwhelm.

After watching, I’d love to hear from you.  What would you like to do during one-hour of time carved out for your own FUN this summer?

Please share your comment below.

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