Are You Sunburned Or Just Plain Burnt-out this Summer?

Does the pace of summer activities have you waking up each morning prepared to run the race, to fight the good fight?  Now that the kids are home all day, do you find yourself secretly scheming to sneak in a daily nap (for yourself!) just so you have enough steam to make it through the second part of the day?  Yes, you—busted!

Summer months seem to inspire children to nag their caregivers more and more skillfully than ever with statements such as, “I’m so-o-o bored. Come play with me!!!  Don’t you love me?”  No matter what games you suggest, or which extracurricular activities you enroll them in, your children beg for more – more – MORE attention.

For two ways to set your child up for success this summer, and allow fun experiences without sacrificing your sanity read the rest of our article here: http://nanniesheartland.blogspot.com/2012_07_01_archive.html

*Be sure to scroll down to the July 6 article!

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