After my post last week on brains that can get stuck in the addictive cycle of stress I had several parents of children with Asperger’s ask me about their child’s social behaviors.

Can “poor social outcome” stress lead to more poor social outcomes?
Can my child’s tendency to cause chaos and disruption in our home be due to brain chemistry rather than personality?
If my child is used to stress chemistry in his brain will play actually help?

The answer to all of these questions is YES.

Through parent and play coaching we combine techniques that calm the nervous system with new, safe social experiences. The best way to do this is play because your child is so focused on having fun that he doesn’t notice we’re slowly introducing novelty to improve his skills. Want to know more?

We’re offering a special promotion the month of October to TEN families. The first TEN families to contact us will receive a free 45-minute initial consultation to share their challenges and receive 1-2 customized tips that will immediate shift their child’s behavior and household dynamics. If you (or a friend) would like to be on the receiving end of this offer please contact Samantha today at 651-785-3059 or assist@mad2glad.com.

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