Before Parent Coaching The Tension In Our House Was Unbearable

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Before participating in Mad2Glad parent coaching, my husband and I were yelling at our son all the time. After the yelling I would be in my room crying. It was a nasty cycle of us not being able to control our temper mixed with a child who (we now know) struggles with behavior and maturity issues.

Even though he was only 5 years old, he was taking all of our energy while  our well-behaved 9 year old was getting the scraps. I was exhausted both emotionally and physically.

We reached out to Samantha because we were desperate. I had no game plan to move forward and the tension at our house was unbearable. The first time we spoke to Samantha my husband and I immediately knew she had the knowledge and an actual plan for helping us gain insight into our child’s life.

I am so glad invested in one-on-one parent coaching because we needed that time to ask about every next step along the way and bounce ideas off of an expert.

When considering the financial investment I’ll just say this making a decision whether or not it was “worth it…”

…are your kids worth it? Is family happiness worth it? Our answer was yes!

We were given the tools and procedures for navigating through our son’s tricky behaviors. (Sometimes verbatim!)

Now, I feel calm acknowledging our son has some behavior issues, but we are no longer feeding into the negativity.  Together, we work on calming down escalating situations rather than revving them up. This was huge for us.

We no longer let him be the dominating force in our lives (most days). We set aside time for our 9 year old who deserves our time and love just as much as our child who needs extra help.

Here is one exceptional side to sharing your private story with a parent coach…she never takes sides…even when my husband and I had a very different approach to parenting.

However, do not expect an overnight miracle. It takes time and effort and we’re still working at this new approach to parenting which does not come completely natural to us.

My favorite part of this experience is that when my 5 year old is having a meltdown, I don’t have to anymore.

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