Before You Blame Your Child Watch This Video

If you have ever wanted to blame your child for your anger, watch this video first!

Prior to conception it is easy to have an idealistic view of what parenting will be like… more happiness, more fulfillment, and someone to love you in your old age.

But when your bundle of joy is noisy, misbehaving, and impulsive you quickly find you’ve become a bundle of nerves who wishes you could return to a more peaceful time in life.

Discover the top question every parent needs to ask themselves to regain sanity and move into fulfillment.

After watching the video notice if you can relate…

Have you ever felt so discouraged you couldn’t get out of bed?

Did you develop a bad habit just to get through the day?

Ever thrown your hands in the air and silently ranted at someone else (even God) for causing your current distress?

Contrary to what you may have heard or even believed at one point, for peace you have to discover the whole mindful, holistic blueprint so that you enjoy parenting.

Know this: countless other smart parents have ended up going through book after book, tip after tip, looking for one thing.  And while these are great resources (and they do work), they often focus on only one area your child needs.  

They forget that a holistic approach is what is truly needed is identifying the missing pieces to your child’s lack of self-control and a step-by-step plan to close the gap.  

Keep an eye out for our upcoming workshop – Create Calm Without the Storm – and discover the 3-Part Holistic Approach Essential for Children to Develop Self-Control.

This tested, proven, and efficient approach can work for you, EVEN IF you have already tried everything.

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  • Sarah says:

    Thank you, Samantha. What a good reminder. This is exactly what I’m working on right now. Being a mom has made me forget how to take care of myself and I’m working my way back to being happy again. Thank you for the support in this hard journey.

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