Most parents truly have the best interest of their child at heart.  We see this by the number of therapies they bring them to, the strict diets they subscribe to and the specific routines they follow to keep their child well-regulated.  But what about truly engaging the child in a way that lets them feel like any other kid – how can that be done?

I believe it comes down to play.  Joining a child in an activity that interests them is one of the most motivating ways to engage your child and start the wonderful upward spiral of emotional bonding, trust, communication and laughter!  Imagine the look on your child’s face when you sprawl out on the floor next to them doing the unusual stretches they seem to enjoy.  What if you borrowed one of your child’s Thomas the Train engines and raced it around the floor, the back of the couch, your child’s leg?

I often hear parents say they don’t play with their child because there’s so many other important, prescribed things they need to get done.  I’ve heard it said that they look at their child and think about the milestone they are missing, how their gait is “off,” and the list of therapeutic tasks that needs to be performed immediately so the child doesn’t lose skills.  This mindset directly affects your child’s growth, ability to engage and chances of “closing the gap.” 

How do you feel when a co-worker who disapproves of your fashion style is watching you from across the room?  Or how about when your peer thinks you should be living more like they do instead of in your own unique way?  When you feel judged are your heart and mind open and ready to expand?  Children are no different.  They pick up on our feelings and judgements.  To bond with your child practice acceptance by entering their world of interest for 10 minutes – play with this and see what happens…and expect something wonderful!

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