2 Positive Praise Techniques to Bring Happy Back into the Holidays

As you prepare for the holidays, it is natural for your attention to shift from daily moments with your children to fulfilling their holiday wishes and organizing endless to-do’s.

Many times you suddenly crash back into reality by a screaming child who is wildly running around with not-so-nice behavior…and you want to threaten to cancel Christmas!

Prepare your family for a peaceful holiday by refocusing your attention on the great things your child does every day, practicing these:

2 Positive Praise Techniques to Bring Happy Back in to the Holidays!

  1. Let your child overhear you bragging about the important part he fulfills in your family.  Instead of discussing the menu with Aunt Mabel over the phone, regale her with a glowing story: “When the kids were fighting today, Johnny stopped dead in his tracks and said, ‘I’m taking a break because I don’t want to fight anymore.’ I’m so proud of him for knowing our house rules and being brave enough to stand up for himself.”
  2. Take your child aside from a busy family event to praise him privately and in the moment. “Johnny, I watched you take a deep breath when you were deciding if you were going to throw that toy at your sister. That took a lot of effort – even if you did throw it. I’m proud of you for doing your best, especially because you were so angry!”

Take advantage of all the extra time you have with your children over the holidays and all the novel social situations your family will be in to shift behavior through positive observations. You’ll soon find that their hearts are stuffed much more easily than their stockings!

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