Building a Solid Co-Parenting Structure for our Family

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Before Mad2Glad Parent Coaching my husband and I were not on the same page as a couple co-parenting our child. We were at our wits end getting through our days. They seemed so much more stressful and chaotic than necessary.  Transitions were especially difficult and we all know how many of those can occur in a day.

I often couldn’t make it through a day without losing my marbles or my temper in some fashion. I felt so frustrated and unnecessarily reactive simply because nothing we did seemed to quite cut the mustard and the insecurity of not knowing what approach to commit to that would actually be effective left me feeling discouraged in my ability to care for my child and our family’s needs and wellbeing. I knew this could be so much better but we were somehow missing the key.

Since taking the Mad2Glad program, my husband and I have built a solid reliable bridge between us when it comes to co-parenting our daughter.

It has given us fertile ground to work more successfully and enjoyably together as partners and a family unit. I am calmer as a result of the confidence I now have in our understanding of what is going on in our daughter’s brain when it comes to her behavior and what she needs, how and when.

We officially have a safe landing pad to return to at any point to evaluate, reference and adjust our approach in ways that are tried and true. We are rich in our toolbox and community of camaraderie in this journey. What a swift shift we have made in just two month’s time! We are so grateful. This work is integral to the sanity and inner workings of our family. We now have the elements and conditions necessary for our roots to grow wide and deep.

My advice to other parents considering parent coaching … Samantha is one of a kind. Her work is rich, deep, thorough and spot on. She is organized, on point, effective, intuitive, respectful, compassionate and understanding yet leaves no stone left unturned. She doesn’t miss a beat.

I feel revitalized, affirmed, seen, heard, empowered and supported as a result of our time in this program. Personally, I think all parents deserve some form of this kind of insight and support from the get go but I so greatly appreciate Samantha’s diligence and foresight to pull her wealth of knowledge and experience together to calm, ground and nurture a particular kind of child and family in this unique and customized way.

~Darcy K

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