Building Better Teenager and Parent Relationships with Kindness

Did you know that there’s not much difference between a preschooler and a tween/teenager?

I know what you’re thinking…

“You must be nuts Samantha! My teenager is incredibly different than a preschooler. He is far more independent, has his own voice, makes his owner decisions, has his own style, and is far more advanced than a preschooler is…not to mention his pierced ear and potent body odor…both of which he didn’t have as a little one.”

I hear you, I promise. But, I’m sticking to my original statement, so let me clarify…

When it comes to getting along and forming solid relationships, both preschoolers and tweens/teens need the same exact things.

They both need patience, understanding, and have the need for you to say and do nice things for them–just to name a few!

These are all acts of kindness.

Certainly, they will be communicated differently, depending on the age of your child. But, when you use my recommended 4 acts of kindness (that work for both age groups), you’ll notice you’ll have a much easier time connecting and building strong relationships with your kids.

Watch my video now to discover what these 4 acts of kindness are and how to use them.

Let’s recap!

The 4 acts of kindness you can show every day to your tweens/teenagers are…

  • Say kind words to your child–tell them how much you like them or how proud you are of them for specific grown-up/mature skills.
  • Be mindful of your tone – Just because your child is sassing you, doesn’t mean you get to sass back.
  • Be conscious of your body language– be careful not to use overwhelming body language when interacting with your child.
  • Show your kids you have time for them – set aside time every week to spend with your kids and follow their lead. They need to feel like they get to call the shots sometimes.

Use these 4 acts of kindness, and I promise you won’t have to wait years until your child turns 18 and moves out to have a great relationship with them.

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