Choose positive.  Make the decision to notice one of your child’s unique gifts today.

Reflecting on one positive quality before bed each night for two weeks will increase the likelihood that your brain will catch other strengths and successes that your child demonstrates throughout the day.

Plus, when you catch her goodness and provide Heartfelt Appreciation she will start stepping up and doing it more frequently without even trying!

If you’re feeling extra challenged in finding your child’s bright, lovable self these days call family members.  Ask them to tell you all the good things they can about your child and keep going until you tell them to stop.

Want your children to play nice?  Teach them to ask each other, “May I have it when you’re done?”   This simple question transforms bickering to quiet togetherness as they learn how to play together nicely.
Has play stopped being fun because your children fight with each other?  Give them the opportunity to work through disagreements by saying, “I trust you to work it out.”  They get to learn for themselves how to get along and you can take a break!
Engaging in creative play activities such as building and artistic expression opens the door for children to talk to their parents.  Take the opportunity to listen deeply, restate what you hear and comment on what your child says.  This type of reflective listening during creative play integrates the two brain hemispheres so your child experiences emotional well-being and balance.
Storytelling helps children understand themselves and the world.  During your 15-minutes of special play time try starting a story and see where your child takes it.  Be prepared for silly, serious and profound!

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