The Clarity Builder Consultation

Let’s get going!

During this initial 45-minute session we will dive deeper into the challenges you’re experiencing and spend one hour creating your personal family roadmap based on your goals, what you want to accomplish and by when. Think of this as your jump start to better managing your challenges and creating the lasting change that you want.

This first meeting can be over the phone or in person if you live in the Saint Paul, MN area.

How you can prepare for this session

Prior to this appointment, I will send you the Intense Brain Child Assessment. This is not your typical run of the mill 24-question assessment, but rather specially designed to address the 8 pillars of parenting to see where you’re thriving and where you need to grow.  This will help you understand how your child’s behaviors have been impacting your life so you can outline key areas you want to work on in your coaching.  Spending some time answering these questions will help you identify your family’s unique challenges, tap into your strengths (I guarantee you have them), identify what is contributing to your frustration and exhaustion, begin considering your coaching goals and activate your motivation.  I ask that you send your answers back to me before we meet so that I have time to review and prepare for our appointment.

What you will take away

At the end of The Clarity Builder Consultation™ you will be amazed at the new insights, understanding and awareness you are taking away about your child’s behavior, along with two other very important answers.  One is knowing whether or not your child has an intense brain, which is key, because if they do you’ll need specific parenting strategies to create a more peaceful home.  And two, knowing the next action steps you can do right away to move past the most significant behavior challenges and out of crisis.

My goal for The Clarity Builder Consultation™ is that you walk away with what you need most and that you know one thing you can do right away to decrease the stressful family dynamic.

Because every family has their own set of values, challenges and goals, I do not use a cookie cutter approach. You will leave the appointment with an appreciation of how your child’s behavior is uniquely impacting your life. You will take away a family roadmap that prioritizes key coaching areas that will help your child develop self-control.  You will have one specific strategy you can use right away and the beginning of a plan for how coaching together on a consistent basis can move you swiftly in a positive direction, keep you motivated and  following through, and create lasting change.


Let’s Jump Start your success!

Parent coaching gives you:

  • Relief from guilt and frustration
  • Greater confidence
  • Less stress
  • More peace at home

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