Practice patience in the face of winter “ick.”

During this time of year how do you treat your child with respect when they’re wreaking havoc throughout the house? And to top it off, you feel crummy?! Taking 10 deep, calming breaths is a little difficult when even one sets off a coughing fit. So, I offer you this beautiful (“ick”-proof) trick:

Offer respect first

[list style=”list-img2″]In your mind, acknowledge that your child, regardless of his age and energy level, is capable of cooperation.[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]Call your child into the room and tell him how you feel. (Even if you have to “croak” it out. He’ll get the message.)[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]Together, verbally, recall a time when he didn’t feel well and ask what helped him get better.[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]Point out that you need something similar and specify what those things are.[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]Come to a decision about ways he and other members of the family can contribute to your recovery.[/list] [list style=”list-img2″]Then ASK him directly to be responsible for the one that will make a difference.[/list]

Children love helping their parents feel better, especially when we put ourselves in a position of asking for help rather than demanding it. When you point out similarities between you and your child it grows his understanding and compassion. Help him develop a sense of purpose by asking him to do things he’s good at, like loading dishes into the dishwasher, playing in a room with the door shut while you’re resting, and heating up soup for you.

You’ll find yourself getting a little of the TLC you so often give out, while basking in pride as your child transforms from whirling dervish into mama’s little helper.

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