Adding Color To Your Child’s Blank Page

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What if you considered your child as a blank page?

My computer has been slow the past couple months so I figured it had a virus.

At the recommendation from a friend I went online to download free malware but ended up at a call center in India.

img_3694As my female technician ran tests and gave me time to think about my options she asked me about my work. I told her “I give parents tools so their kids will listen and they don’t have to yell or feel stressed out.”

She said, “Parents have a big job, don’t they? They can write down whatever they want on a blank page. They can take colors and fill it in. But I think it’s when they know how to write the right words that they’re happy. It’s not about yelling.”

This woman in northeastern India latched onto one of my key pillars of parenting: how to defuse the emotional bomb…while staying calm.

Staying calm sounds like such a simple strategy but it can be really hard, especially in the heat of the moment. Wouldn’t it be great to really, truly understand what TO do so you feel peaceful, get your kids to listen and fill your child’s blank page with something wonderful?

What do you want to add to your child’s life experience?  Please share a comment below.


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