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Closeup portrait of parent pointing at child in blue shirt scolding go to room grounded for misbehaving while kid is looking disobedient hands on hips. Isolated on white background.Negative emotion

Are you tired of yelling, threatening, and bribing your child to listen?


Have you ever felt guilty because,
you actually don’t enjoy spending time with your children?


You are not a bad parent… and you are not alone!

Your demanding child who wants to rule the roost does not respond to discipline, punishments, or time-outs the way other children do. Deep in your gut you know the tips you read in books, and the advice given by teachers and therapists, just aren’t right for you or your child.

You CAN regain control and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

You want your child to…summersm3

  • Follow directions without threats, bribes, or yelling

  • Respond with respect

  • Develop self-control

  • Be peaceful so spending time together is actually fun.

  • Enjoy their childhood too 🙂

It is time to learn the Mad2Glad Discipline Protocol. 

One that actually works for INTENSE children!

This is the most practical and in-depth online training for parents who want more peace and enjoyment at home.



Three, 1-hour “on demand” video trainings to guide you step-by-step in our cutting-edge discipline system
  • Training #1: DISCOVER smsummer2THE MISSING PIECE (Your Child’s Brain)
  • Training #2: LAY A POSITIVE FOUNDATION (Red Light Parenting)
  • Training #3: SET INTO MOTION (Discipline That Motivates And Energizes)

A 24-page Parent Workbook, including:

  • Detailed notes on every concept
  • Self-reflection activities
  • Specific action steps to transform your family dynamics

A 19-page BONUS Workbook, including:

  • The Intense Brain Child (free report)
  • “At a Glance” documents to post on your refrigerator as reminders
  • Yoga Calm poses to calm intensity
  • Self-care ideas
  • And MORE!


All this is priced so that you don’t have to rack
your brain trying to choose at just $77.

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