Do THIS Before You Limit Screen Time

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We all know a child who struggles with being overly attached to screens.  

Have you ever tried to redirect your child into a different activity but they completely IGNORE you or go straight into MELTDOWN mode?

It makes sense [in the moment] to threaten to take all screens away for a week…

…but if you have  a child who badgers to the point of you thinking, “THIS ISN’T WORTH IT,” then you also know the shame/confusion/helplessness that comes with JUST GIVING THE SCREENS BACK so peace is restored!  

Watch this short video to learn a parenting trick to PEACEFULLY transition your child off screens…

Over-attachment to screens typically indicates a listening and/or boundary problem in the home.  

To help your child peacefully transition off screens a SIMPLER — AND SAFER — SOLUTION is to establish a weekly family meeting structure so your child is involved in the ongoing conversation of what is/not working at home.

This conversation subconsciously helps your child feel important, that their voice/input matters, and that even if they’re unhappy about your authority you RESPECT and LOVE them enough to hear them out.

When you connect with your child’s voice/feelings it connects/bonds them to you.


From this point of connection we can then establish behavior rules, develop self-control, and set the stage for shifting time spent on electronic devices.

Not quite sure how to implement family meetings or behavior rules or developing limits around screens?  

We’ve made it SIMPLE for you with these two STEP-BY-STEP PARENTING programs:

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