effective strategies to help your child feel at-ease

Dr. Tony & Samantha


Too many people are struggling with Anxiety, Depression, worry, doubt, feeling overwhelmed, and having no energy.

I get it.  When I was 15 years old I struggled with all of the above. 

In fact, social anxiety hit me so hard that I had panic attacks that caused me to blackout in the mornings before school. 

What on earth are you supposed to do when your whole world goes black and you’re expected to not just function but also achieve at your highest possible level?

Fast-forward 20 years through all the modalities I’ve tried.  Therapy, hypnosis, life coaching and holistic medicine.

I have a solid understanding of where anxiety comes from – both externally from family and society, and internally from our nervous system.  

And I want to share what I know in hopes it will spark a new awareness for you (and your kid)!

Earlier this week, Dr Tony Miller (gentle neurological chiropractor from Downington, PA), and I had a candid conversation about how moms and dads can create ease in children’s brains and nervous systems. 

We recorded it so you can listen and I hope you do!

If you want to feel like yourself again — or help your kid experience a happier childhood — come learn about the nervous system + mindful parenting tips + neurological chiropractic.

It is possible to create ease, calm, and connection.


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