EnJOYing The Holiday Season With Your Intense Child

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Are you muscling through the holiday season?  Wanting to enjoy it but secretly longing to make it to the other side when all the buzz is over?

When you have an Intense child who has ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, or Giftedness, the holidays trigger overexcitement, impulsivity, and oftentimes emotional meltdowns.  The fact that your child’s moods and reactions will be unpredictable may be the only thing you can count on…

…so how to find enjoyment?

Rather than adding to your mile-long To-Do list I want to offer you a strategy that alleviates the burden of having to “do it all” and do it all “well.”

Discover the one, simple question you can ask yourself to tap into Joy.

Our human brain is designed to answer questions.  So when you ask yourself, “What did I do well as a parent today?” you can’t help but tune in to the positive.

It may be something as simple as:

    • I remained calm and didn’t add fuel to the fire.
    • I got down to my child’s level when she was losing it.
    • I gave advance notice to help my child prepare for the change in routine.
    • I prepared myself for the party before helping my child to minimize stress.
    • I fed my child something healthy to stabilize blood sugar before all the sweets and treats at Grandma’s.
    • I enforced our Discipline system in public to help my child understand boundaries.

Keep it simple this holiday season AND if you are a parent who knows that your strategies aren’t working and you’re feeling frustrated, exhausted, and  like you’ve tried everything but nothing works…

…it’s time to look into brain-based parenting tools that are proven to CALM INTENSE BEHAVIOR and make PARENTING MORE FUN.

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