The Best Training For Parents and Professionals of Intense Children!

Mad2Glad Discipline Protocol

The step-by-step system to help regain authority, respect, cooperation for ages 3- 17.

Does your child know the rules but will NOT follow them?

You are not a bad parent… and you are not alone!

Your demanding child who wants to rule the roost does not respond to discipline, punishments, or time-outs the way other children do. Deep in your gut you know the tips you read in books, and the advice given by teachers and therapists, just aren’t right for you or your child.

You CAN regain control and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Free Your Family With The Electronic Usage Blueprint!

Electronic overuse is a widespread problem so we did a Google search to see what other training programs are available to parents. We were shocked to find that…


You will see healthier interactions with less fighting in as little as 1-2 weeks!

In this online training you will get:

“Forever access” to the full protocol, including our 3-part video training with step-by- step action steps to restore positive connection.  ($300 value)

 Training #1: PREPARE YOUR CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLAN. You will be taken through the process of identifying goals so your whole family knows what to expect and how to get there. Solutions will be offered for getting everyone on board, identifying replacement options, and successfully navigating the bumpy portion that comes next.
Training #2: SET YOUR PLAN INTO MOTION. You will undertake a three-week fast from electronics and not only survive…you’ll thrive! Children are almost always upset at the beginning so you will discover how to deal with worsening behavior, while also sticking to your plan. As the brain “rests” it will heal deep emotional patterns, such as anger and agitation. Pretty soon (typically the first 1-2 weeks), you’ll notice, “getting my child back.”
Training #3: A NEW PLAN: RE-INTRODUCING ELECTRONICS. In this stage, you will learn WHEN your child may use electronics again, and how to promote healthy habits around usage.
  • A 32-page Workbook, including detailed notes on every concept and specific action steps to successfully navigate bumps in the road. ($50 value)

Typically this in-depth, step-by-step online training cost is $297 but we are passionate about helping families Reboot their relationship with electronics.   

For a Limited TIME, you can have it ALL for
ONLY $47
(saving over 250 bucks!)

Stop the negative effects of electronics and discover how to create new habits that will help your child for a lifetime!

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Create Calm: Without the Storm!  (Length 1:05:05)
Are you wondering how to create a calmer household so parenting is less stressful? Discover the underlying reason your child is more intense and controlling than other children, along with three hidden landmines you can avoid so home becomes an enjoyable space rather than a war zone.
(Video $25.00)
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Back2School Without Any Battles  (Length 1:05:29)

Does the Back2School transition fill you and your child with worry and dread?  Learn how to make this transition less stressful so your child starts off on the right foot.  Avoid the morning battle and the principal’s office by learning the three critical components to self-control and how to nurture positive relationships.
(Video $25.00)

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Getting Calls From The Teacher  (Length 1:07:30)

Are you getting phone calls from your child’s teacher about “acting out” in class?  Learn strategies to shift misbehavior into respect and good listening.  Understand exactly what goes on in your child’s brain causing them to get into trouble repeatedly, the skills you need to work with the teacher on for improved classroom performance, and one way to develop awareness of friendship skills.
(Video $25.00)

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My Child Is Freaking Out What Should I Do Next?! (Length 1:05:56)

Does your child respond to you by plugging the ears, yelling, or throwing a fit? Uncover the best way to respond to freak-out moments, the top strategy to help your child feel “in control” rather than trying to rule the roost, become a master at staying calm.
(Audio $15.00)

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Survive The Holidays: 3 Strategies to Calm Crazy Kids (Length 1:05:37)

Do you dread the holidays? Are you anticipating meltdowns at family gathering, judgmental looks from loved ones (that hurts the most!), and an anxious child who can’t just go with the flow?
Discover 3 parenting strategies to bring merriment and joy into this time of year when life is faster-paced and schedules are wonky.
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