Replacing Jealousy

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Have you ever felt the sharp pang of jealousy when your friend exclaims over how easy her life is, or her recent shopping spree?  If you’re anything like me then you’ll (quietly) admit, “yes.”

Feeling tired of my own jealousy (aka: green monster of envy), compiled with guilt for lack of supporting my friend, I decided to replace it with something more positive.

Since our (very smart) brains are wired to answer questions, creating the right question is an effective way to shift negative thinking habits.  The trick is to pinpoint the exact question.

It’s critical to ensure your inquiry has these three components in order to move forward into joy:

  1. Start with “what”
  2. Identify what you want to move toward (rather than away from)
  3. Include present-moment , “right now,” so the brain stays focused

Putting it all together, my inquiry for transforming jealousy became “What do I need to do right now to feel gratitude?” 

And, voila!  My trusty ol’ brain, specifically the reticular activating system discovered my unique solution.

Underneath my jealousy was a longing (aka: desire).  In realizing my desire for more experiences of prosperity and adventure in my life I intentionally replaced the sharp pang of jealousy with one simple, silent phrase “That’s for me!”

By admitting a private, underlying desire it sets the stage for changing a negative feeling into a positive one and allows you to modify your mindset.

So, when you share your story of new designer boots or happy travels with me and you see my face light up you’ll know that in my mind I’m exclaiming “that’s for me!”

Does this sound like something you could use in your life?

If so, share what situation you can apply this to right now.


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