I feel so much pressure to get it “right”

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Do you feel pressure to get it “right?”

Recently, I was at a keynote event in Canada to share trauma-informed parenting techniques so that foster parents learned new ways to create a stable home environment and plant seeds for hopeful futures.

Even though I’ve given my “From Mad2Glad” presentation hundreds of times I felt pressure to get it right — as always, it felt like so much was at stake and I didn’t want to blow my chance at making a meaningful difference. So, I rehearsed every single line of my 60-minute talk in my hotel room and missed a chance to explore the beautiful mountains.

And I wondered, “Is this level of stress even helpful?”
“I’m doing this to myself…where does this pressure come from?”

I’m sure this has happened to you. You’re a parent who wants to make sure your child looks back as a future adult and thinks, “I had a happy childhood.” Or, you’re a child professional who wants to assist children in developing healthy coping skills and to make friends.

But there is a level of pressure that just isn’t helpful. That makes us lose our Presence, waste Connection opportunities, and steals our Joy.

Fortunately, there is help.  Coaches and mentors who devote their careers to helping us complicated humans think about life more simply….

…and I’m jumping on the bandwagon!  I want to share my gifts so that you can enjoy yours!

Free webinar training this Friday, March 9, 12:00-1:00pm CT at 12:00pm Central.  Save your seat here: https://www.mad2glad.com/webinar-registration

If you have struggled with:

  • How to calm challenging behaviors or positively connect with tough kiddos,
  • Get parents on board with effective techniques, and/or
  • Job burnout or waking up dreading the day,

I want to help relieve your stress!  

Join me to learn simple skills to make a bigger impact in families, and my 5-step communication process that simplifies the way you chat with parents so you can effectively inspire them to positively connect with their child.

Last chance to save your spot for this Friday, March 9, 12:00-1:00pm CT, register now: https://www.mad2glad.com/webinar-registration

I’d love to hear from you–leave a comment below.

What do you need help with to relieve pressure?


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