Finding CALM in the classroom

A teacher whispers to me, “What do I do when a child is melting into a fit and I find myself getting worked up?!”

A social worker pulls me into a private conversation and confesses, “I help kids all day long but when I get home I take my stress out on my kids.”

A school director reports, “the #1 training our staff ask for is on how to effectively deal with challenging behavior.”

I get it.

We ALL struggle with behavior challenges at home, at school, at the therapy clinic and beyond!

What is the solution when everything we’ve been taught
–TRADITIONAL strategies that seemed to work for years –
no longer de-escalates or restores listening and calm?!

Listen to Heather’s TIPS on how she CONFIDENTLY corrects challenging behaviors, BONDS with intense children, and helps the DAY GO WELL.

If you:

  •      Doubt your “work” with kids (AKA – Is this worth it?)
  •      Feel drained by kids’ big emotions and defiance over routine tasks (AKA – Nothing I do works)
  •      Judge yourself at how poorly you respond to challenging behaviors (AKA – I’m not a good parent / teacher / fill-in-the-blank)

Please do not give up.

The world needs YOU!

Learn new, effective brain-based tools that are POSITIVE, PRACTICAL & CALMING in the most intense behavior situations.  Mad2Glad’s online Parent Coach Certification program begins in May.

Schedule your private, no-cost call with Samantha Moe to discuss if it’s a fit for you right now!

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