Fostering Gratitude In Children

This guest article comes from Certified Mad2Glad Parent Coach, Suz Roemer Feely, who is a mother of 3 children: 2 gifted sons, ages 10 and 11, and a dynamic daughter, age 7.  (Bio at bottom)

How do you teach your children to be grateful?  The key is in ONE question.

What do you appreciate about being in this family?  

As a mother of 3 dynamic children, my husband and I ask this question at the start of our family meetings every Sunday night.  (Mad2Glad Pillar #4).

Recently, my daughter was not satisfied with just talking about the family.  She wanted to go around and say what she appreciated about everyone.

Knowing that it’s important to give our children a voice we decided to roll with it and when we did you could see the impact it had on each of them.  They just blossomed.   Their eyes lit up and they smiled proudly.  (Read on.)

Since that time, even when we try to limit appreciation to one person or the family, all three children ask to do it for everyone in the family.

It’s wonderful to see such pride in my children’s eyes as they receive appreciation, plus we all have fun thinking of a different thing to say about one another.

Not only do words of appreciation impact the kids’ self-esteem, it impacts how they treat each other.  For example, my boys say they appreciate the other playing with them.  Even though they still argue when playing at times, the intensity of the arguments has diminished.

Thanks-giving can be every week! Build this 10 minute conversation into your weekly routine for a positive lasting effect on your children’s self esteem and their relationships.

Feel confident that you are building their skills for seeing the good in others and in life.

The process is simple.  Just start the conversation with ONE question…What do you appreciate about this family or someone in it?

As you move into the Thanksgiving holiday, what are you grateful for?  Share that with your family.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Suz and her husband work hard to create calm in their family and have found more calm AND deeper, more robust relationships with their children over the past few years.  They enjoy summers at the cabin with extended family, Spring Break road trips, reading together and lots of sports activities.

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