Strengthen Your Confidence

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How can you strengthen your confidence so you enjoy your days?

Have you ever been frustrated and thought, “Same story, different day.  Why is this happening to me again?”

If you were to look at the story of your life from the perspective of a hot air balloon 10,000 feet off the ground you may realize that patterns and situations repeat themselves over and over.  Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Our core beliefs about ourselves and the world are formed by the time we’re 6 years old.  That means life experiences, traditions, and teachings from parents, educators and other leaders in the community sink in so deeply that it forms our thinking and behavior patterns for the rest of our lives.  Naturally, this can be both positive and negative.

When I was 6 years old I found myself comfortably performing on stage at my L. O. Jacob Elementary School.  Following in the footsteps of my mother, professional Finnish storyteller and magician, I enjoyed being in front of large audiences, helping to form my current belief that it’s fun to be on stage.  This shows up in my life today as I regularly appear in front of audiences of 50-200 parents to lead interactive presentations on my “To Educate Is To Empower.”  The mantra I hear in my mind is “It is fun, safe and easy to do public speaking,” and it is a core belief that serves me well.

However, on the flip side, by the time I was 6 years old I had significant digestive difficulties from hidden food allergies.  Being plagued with tummy troubles from an early age shaped today’s limiting belief that “I can’t trust my body to feel healthy, good and energized.”

So what if a core belief is actually a limiting belief?  Can you change it?


There are many types of mind magic and once you identify a limiting belief you have done 80% of the labor toward leading a better life.  The other 20% can be transformed by training your brain to think a new thought.  The best way to do this is through positive affirmation statements along with mind-body re-training.

I use the empowerment march from Psych-K with my four favorite affirmation-starters:

  1. I am… (e.g. I am healthy)
  2. I allow… (e.g. I allow myself to be strong, healthy and energized)
  3. I choose… (e.g. I choose to be healthy and vibrant every day)
  4. I deserve… (e.g. I deserve to be totally and completely healthy)

Turning my limiting belief into a supportive belief has amazing, positive impacts in my daily life.  Recently I joined a gym because I know my body can “handle” exercise and become stronger rather than dis-eased.  Every day I choose to eat a gluten-, dairy-, corn-free diet and allow my stomach to stay strong.  In my mind and body I trust that I will grow healthier and more energized over time, which is a relief from that sad, pestering belief that used to hold me back.

Now, I’m curious about you!  Do you have a recurring pattern that you want to change because it’s holding you back?  If so, what affirmation are you willing to commit to today to start the journey of overcoming your limiting belief and live with more vibrance?

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