Frustrated with Behavior and Confused About What Approach to Take….

I used to be easily frustrated by my children’s behaviors and the fact that they did not dissipate despite my being fairly well read on neurological and behavioral development.

I felt I was swimming in a sea of knowledge not sure which tool to pull out when or what approach to stick with.  

There was quite a bit of difference between me and my husband’s knowledge in child development. Therefore, we did not have a similar language or approach in regards to our parenting. This often lead me to making a lot of the parenting decisions at this level.

Through the Mad2Glad Blueprint, we learned together how to layer various strategies that allowed us to release the expectation that any one tool was going to dissipate a behavior but that mindful parenting is a process.

Identifying the individual landmines we most frequently step on was a huge asset to being able to change our parenting.

Now, we are more free to focus on the positive aspects of being a family because we have a set system in place to approach the intense moments.

Having a joint language and approach to our parenting has also provided more ease in the home.

At first, I was frustrated by the unnaturalness of having to implement specific responses to behaviors but I was amazed that by implementing one or two new strategies for 15 days it became easier and more natural.

If I could give advice to a parent, changing their approach it would be this: Stick with it!

The change in your child’s demeanor once you implement the Mad2Glad strategies is very rewarding and worth the work.  It becomes more natural for both parents and children.  ~Anne G

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