Getting Calls From Your Child’s Teacher?

By October 14, 2015 Respect No Comments

Are you getting calls from your child’s teacher?  Wondering what the best way is to teach your child the lessons she needs in order to do well in school?

The two most common questions parents ask their child about bad school behavior are:

  1.  What happened?
  2. Why did you do that?

Children typically respond with “I don’t know” and the experience becomes frustrating for both of you.  Watch the video here to learn more about shifting misbehavior into respect and listening.

It’s common to over-punish children out of fear that either they’re “not getting it” or you’re not doing a “good” job parenting.  However, the answer is more about understanding why your child is compelled to act out and the best approach for addressing – and improving – behavior.

Check out the full webinar here.

I’d love to address your specific concerns and offer support here!  Please leave a comment below to share what your child has gotten in trouble for at school and how you handled it.  

Our entire parenting community will benefit from your wisdom.  Thanks for joining in on the conversation about how to raise happy, successful children.

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