What to Say to a Grandparent Who Doesn’t Understand Your Child


It happens more than you think…a beloved grandparent yells at your child, speaks negatively in front of him, or takes on the role of the punisher right in front of your eyes.

It makes sense to think, “Why can’t Grandpa just be a fun grandparent and let me be the parent?!”

You have done the work to learn different strategies for raising your child in a conscious and less punitive way buuuuut that isn’t the case for everyone in your family.

When you have a unique child who is smart but doesn’t “get it” in typical situations it can be hard to describe exactly why you choose to parent the way you do.

Grandparents believe it is disrespectful when your child laughs at them when they’re supposed to be in trouble, or pounds on a nearby person or object when angry rather than asking for help.

You probably think it’s disrespectful too! And it is…

…but that doesn’t mean it’s malicious or intentional.

Intense children need our help to learn how to connect the dots socially and emotionally, and grandparents can be one of the first uncomfortable conversations for you to practice advocating for exactly who your child is and what s/he needs to be successful.

Watch this week’s Mad2Glad parenting tip to learn what to say to grandparents to help them understand your child.

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you had an uncomfortable conversation with a grandparent? If so, what seemed to make sense to them (or what didn’t)?

Your comment is important and may be exactly what another parent needs to move out of an uncomfortable place. Please take a moment to share in the comments below.

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