Teaching Children How To Be Calm

Have you ever wished you could teach your child how to be calm? There is a way!

I recently interviewed Kathy Flaminio, a guru in teaching calm to children. Kathy is the owner of 1000 Petals and the Yoga Calm National Director of Training and Development. Kathy has a passion for teaching mindfulness and movement to children. She comes to us with an extensive background in yoga, holistic health, and social work.

Kathy works with intense-brained children by calming their nervous systems through mind-body awareness. She has great success in teaching children what it feels like to be calm – sometimes in a matter of minutes!

By working through the body through movement, children learn what it feels like to be regulated and calm. Your child learns through first hand, physical sensations versus trying to learn with their head (brain), which can be tough for little ones. When children experience this calmness, even for just a few seconds, they want more!

Do you ever notice that when your child is angry their body holds tension, even in small parts like the jaws, eyebrows, and shoulders?  Try these 3 techniques to practice the sensation of calm:

    1. Help them release these strong emotions by making a big “lion’s breath.” This helps your child become “online” (in-tune) with their body.
    2. Create a Relaxation Station in your home, filled with the elements of the earth – think water features, stones, or candles. This space can be used by stressed-out kids and parents!
    3. Experiment with mindful eating.  Slowing down and really focusing on what you are eating gives everyone an experience of calm mindfulness. So really savor that ice cream!


We all know how having a calm child benefits us as parents, but the benefits to your child are huge, too. In addition to helping with attention, focus, and self-regulation, learning to be calm can also shift a child’s perception of themselves. Instead of identifying themselves as a “trouble maker” or “the kid with ADHD,” your child can take pride in a creating a positive new identity. This is a huge boost for their self-esteem!

Kathy advocates that these approaches can work for all children. Through movement, learning how be in tune with our bodies, and slowing down, it is possible for a child to learn how to be calm! This mindfulness approach is yet another valuable tool in creating calm in your household.

Be sure to check out the full video to hear all of Kathy’s great tips and strategies! Still looking for more? Check out Kathy’s website at http://www.1000-petals.com.

We love Yoga Calm so much we had EIGHT custom poses created for the Mad to Glad Blueprint as a bonus to families who want less stress.  Check it out to see if the program is right for you.

In closing, Kathy has a few pearls of wisdom that we can all benefit from:
Just you BE-ing is enough.
Slow down.
Be where your feet are.
Be present.


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  • Suz says:

    I love this and it came at the perfect time. I have been struggling with how to help my son stay calm in his interactions with his brother. He tends to fall on the ground, yell/cry and fling his glasses when he is frustrated with his brother. I am going to try the advice around rocking, getting that spine and head down, palms up, and using music (he really responds to music). I am also committed to doing some family yoga as we all can get more calm. Thank you so much for showing me some new possibilities!

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