Have you seen my life? I can’t even enjoy one day!

Last summer I used to wake on Mondays with a sense of dread. As a female entrepreneur I often did not want to do my normal routine: respond to 50 emails, run around town networking, squeeze in blog-writing, implement the grinding details of my business strategy for the month, and constantly re-vamp marketing materials.

I’m sure you have a daily list that goes on and on too!

Have you noticed that it’s overwhelming without even including your other weekly needs of getting groceries from the co-op, an adjustment at the chiropractor, exercise to stay healthy and making appearances at social functions just so your friends know you’re still alive?

If you’ve ever experienced this daily grind, in direct opposition to the beautiful, sunny skies outside, without a free moment to yourself from sun-up until 10pm keep reading to learn how I got out of the funk and into the fun.

As a yogi I often heard that to be happy you have to be mindful, and mindfulness was explained as cutting things out and doing less. But, as a small business owner in the first years of operation, how could I?!

Not one to take others’ advice but instead to invent my own source of happiness I integrated a little mind magic that boosts my energy and allows me the experience of happiness I crave. The mind is our greatest asset and, contrary to popular belief, you get to choose your thoughts. It’s not about doing less. It’s about re-framing. So rather than waking up with the horror of the daily grind and the corresponding rush of negative, stress chemicals, I invented a morning routine to persuade my brain to flood my body with happy chemicals.

Each morning I wake up and meditate or journal on these three questions:
1) What would be fun today?
2) What gifts will I bring to today?
3) What do I appreciate right now?

Starting my day with these questions steers my thoughts into what I do want rather than what I don’t want. I don’t do less, in fact I do more!  My mind magic leaves little room for the wild horses of dread and anxiety, and opens up space to add small things that are fun like a 10 minute lunch-time nap or wearing a special outfit from Nordstrom that feels special instead of monotonous.

I’m curious about how you choose to feel, knowing you are at choice and have the power to influence the release of your own happy chemicals.

Have you ever awaken only to dread the day ahead of you? If so, what do you dread the most?  If you could replace it with one fun thing what would you choose?

Thank you, as always, for reading and joining in.

With smiles,


  • Annalicia Niemela says:

    Love, love, love those three morning questions! Thanks for sharing, Samantha!!

  • Julie says:

    Honest, positive and so inspirational!

  • Samantha says:

    Thanks for your feedback Annalicia and Julie! I’d love to hear what question or affirmation keeps you on track these days.

  • Mardelle says:

    Keep staying positive, and making progress doing it. Worry is not productive.

    Exercise: walk either early AM or PM, depending on time and weather.

    And, I take a day OFF on weekends to be happy doing what I want to do.


    • Samantha says:

      Thanks for sharing your walking routine. I love the day OFF rule. One day per week sounds simple but we can get side-tracked so it helps support sanity and regenerate energy and motivation.

  • Terri Moloney says:

    How awesome to receive this timely message. I have just started my own business in network marketing company. I am so excited and extremely busy. I know “me” time will be important. Thank you!!

    • Samantha says:

      Congratulations on your new business Terri, I know you’ll be successful because you’re very proactive and driven and on-top of emotional health.

  • Jody says:

    ‘Mind magic.’ Love the term and I plan to use it in my yoga classes. 🙂

  • Cindy Peterson says:

    I like the mind magic idea. There are many mornings when I dread going to work so I try to keep in mind the fun stuff that’s going to happen after work: walking the dog, reading a really good book, spending time with my fiancé, etc. Plus I LOVE to shop so I have to keep in mind “must earn the money so I can do the shopping!”

    • Samantha says:

      It’s great to have some type of carrot to dangle in front of yourself so the days are fun. I whole-heartedly agree earning money, especially with such a fun reward as Nordstrom Personal Shopper!

  • Malli Kuppusamy says:

    Thank you! Samantha for adding me to your list. You already made me happy by adding me to your list. Now this beautiful article which makes so much sense and yet it’s easy to follow rules for any kind of person. Thanks again for making me happy twice and I look forward for many such articles.

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