Help the Fire-Brain Kid Who’s Just Like Yours


“I want to help a kid like mine,” said a Parent Educator, who proceeded to gush about how her own fire-brain kiddo needed more connection than anything. Laying down the law didn’t work and the brain science tells us why!

Did you see our FB Live video a few days ago?  Learn the one “C” that does work with these fiery kids who we love so much.

And if you want to learn all “3 C’s” that the brain needs for a challenging child to succeed in life you’ve probably seen we have a free webinar for Educators, OTs/SLPs, Therapists THIS FRIDAY, Oct 26 @12pm CT.

Click the image to register.  Can’t make it live? We’ll send you the replay if you register so go ahead and click now 🙂


  • Darlene says:

    Hello I am wondering about the costs associated with the parent coach certification program please … I am a 3rd year mental health counseling grad student and a mother of 7 grown children , 3 new adopted children and foster mom to 4 additional children. I need any strategies that are helpful for my own strong willed children as well as those we are fostering. I would also like to incorporate this approach to my counseling as a child and family specialist. My prior masters degree is in child development so I am immensely interested in the brain wiring of children with RAD, ADHD, ODD, Sensory issues , and scignificant traumas or adverse childhood experiences.
    Thanks so much
    Darlene Brown,

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