Holiday Self-Care Tip for Parents (Quick & Easy!)

Have you recently thought, “I can’t wait for the holidays to be over!”?

Or how about this, “I wish I could just crawl into bed and be alone!”?

Managing all the details that have become the holidays are a necessary evil.  You have to be proactive in setting up a structure so your child gets a sense of predictability and calm.  It’s important to watch what food she puts in her mouth because too much sugar or artificial dyes truly cause her to spin out of control.

But what about your needs?

Watch this week’s Mad2Glad Parenting Tip for a quick and easy tip that will help you ENJOY this extra time spent with your family.

Remember: putting away, cleaning up and organizing do not count as you meeting YOUR needs.

Thinking that chores will bring deep relief is a trick our minds play and contribute to feeling run-down or frazzled so take a moment and be thoughtful about what your heart really wants.  

Curious to learn what brings other parents joy … and its opposite … dread?  Check out this article: Top 10 Reasons Parents Dread The Holidays

If you are a parent raising an intense child please know that you don’t have to suffer!

If your heart has been wanting proven tools to calm intense behavior so that you don’t feel guilty about not “liking” your child, it’s available to you right now.

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