Teaching Kindness So Older Siblings Are Nicer

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Teaching kids how to be kind and to get along is tough! Listen-in to learn how to bring more kindness into your home. 

This question comes from Anka, a mother of a 4-year-old and 2-year-old.

Take-Away Nuggets:

  • There are Proactive and Reactive approaches
  • Proactive Responses:
    • Teach kids values by identifying your Top 5 Family Values
      • Discuss with your child what it means/looks like to have those values.“What does it mean to be kind to each other?”
      • Catch success! Acknowledge when your child is demonstrating your Family Values. “You were so kind when you let Anna pick the game.”
      • Reflect! “What did you do today that was kind?”
      • Set an intention. “What can we do to be kind today?”
  • Reactive Responses:
    • Family Rules will have already been established. You should have a rule about how to treat siblings (i.e. “no teasing”).
    • Once the rule has been established, follow through with consequence: “You broke a rule, take a break.”
    • Newscaster reporting after the moment of infraction:
      • “Remember when [you pulled Anna’s hair]? How did you feel inside?”

By using these techniques you are teaching your children the values and skills they need to get along with others and, most importantly, bringing more peace and joy into your home!

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