It’s Time…For ME-Time

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Now that your daily schedule is all figured out with wake-up, drop-off, pick-up, play-time, supper- and bed-time do you find yourself wondering, “where’s ME time?!”

What I love about parents is your similarity to a small business owner…you are executive over every last detail and dang good at making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. But, like myself (a small business owner) life really doesn’t feel fulfilling or exciting until you get to the spot where there’s ALSO something in it for you.

Yes, I said it! It’s YOUR turn to enjoy your child’s school year, after all there’s finally a bit of daytime freed up now that your little one is out of the house.

“There’s so many other things I should be doing instead though!”

“I can’t justify taking ‘me time’ when there’s so much laundry piled up!”

Au contraire! As an executive I find the to-do lists keep us stuck in the daily grind rather than experiencing life the way it’s meant to be…full and whole, as in more-than-just-chores-and-to-do-lists.

I, personally, work with a business coach because my schedule sometimes gets so full that I feel I’m just “getting by.”

Some days, after everything is crossed off my to-do list I am too burnt out to enjoy life. Enter MY coach.

My coach helps me see more clearly when I am at full capacity and shines a light on my priorities that I couldn’t see on my own.

Does that sound familiar?  

Coaches listen to complaints and ask about vision in order to resolve both what doesn’t work and move us toward what is wanted.

Stressed-out = stressed-out…no matter if you’re executive of a company or executive of a household.

As a parent coach, my goal for you is to have less stress and more fun. To make the most of your new “free” time try “BATCHING.”

3 steps to Batching

1)    Identify like-minded tasks and put them in a batch together (e.g. laundry and household vs. email and Facebook)

2)    Designate a time of day or time of the week when you do that batch of activities

3)    Stick to this new ritual for a minimum of 2 months

When you transition between tasks you lose 15-minutes of timethat’s a big GAP!  Can you imagine how much time is lost during multi-tasking?

I found it takes me less time to get ready in the morning when I do all my “getting ready” tasks in the bathroom and bedroom all the way to completion before I head into the kitchen for breakfast and lunch-packing tasks.

Now I’m curious to hear from you, what tasks will you commit to batching and scheduling so YOU have more free-time to enjoy this school year?

Leave a comment below.

If you like this practical tip and want to resolve what isn’t working, such as yelling and stress at home, as well as move toward what you do want, like kids who listen the first time and are well-behaved, let’s connect! 

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And, if you like ideas on how to free up your time, check out our sister article that has another time-saving tip for your ideal schedule: Transform your days from sad to satisfying.


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  • Nancy says:

    [Batching] Yes, every M.O.M.’s [mother of mutliples] secret weapon against life! Like browning 12 pounds of hamburger at a time and freezing it in 1-2 lb containers. Yes, like waiting until the sink is FULL of dishes and doing them all at once 🙂 LOVE the pic you used for this!

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