How is Coaching Different Than Therapy?

Have you ever wondered, “When is the right time to seek the support of a parent coach versus a therapist?”

Since becoming certified as a Parent Coach in 2012 I left the “therapy world” and haven’t looked back.  To me, the reasons why are obvious: LOTS of time to work hands-on with parents who are struggling, being able to bypass the assessment and diagnostic routines to focus instead on how to IMPROVE everyday situations, and equipping families with practical tools so they enjoy spending time together.

However, let’s avoid my professional bias and hear from ten fabulous moms who shared why they prefer parent coaching to therapy:

1.  In therapy I often got stuck talking about the problem and past issues. In your program, it was more about the solution and helping me to excel positively in areas that I struggled with.

2.  With coaching, you talked through different scenarios that we were dealing with and helped us prepare to respond with practical strategies and suggestions for improvement.

3.  We were treading water with therapy even though our son went every week for two years! In only 8 coaching sessions you helped us understand not just why he behaved badly but what to do about it.

4.  A parent coach is like a coach of a sport. You helped us build skills with active, day-to-day strategies to improve our game…and win. Like a coach, you had offline meetings and pep talks, and then you sent us parents “back in the game” to try what we learned, and then come back to you with our questions and feedback.

5.  Therapy delved into our past or else a different issue every week, and coaching was present and even more so, future focused.

6.  With your specialty of intense kids you were more like an interpreter of a foreign language who taught us what to do to connect easier.

7.  Our daughter’s therapist didn’t take our problems seriously and kept saying she needed to figure out a diagnosis, but never gave us concrete strategies.

8. Coaching is closer to a mentoring relationship that was tailored to our family values with encouragement and advice backed by science on how to achieve them.

9.  Therapists needed to know our child’s cognitive factors, but you wanted us to share in-depth about who our family truly was, both individually and collectively.  Then, you gave us hands-on resources to create organization, structure and unity, which are skills we can use forever!

10.  And the final response?  This one was so thorough and well-written it deserves it’s own space.  Check back next week for Susie’s story on why she thinks coaching is therapeutic.

Thanks, as always for reading.  I’d love to hear from you now!

If there was ONE situation with your child you could learn to manage more peacefully, what would it be?  Please share in the comments below.

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