How to Avoid Tears and Tantrums While Parenting Competitive Children

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From duck, duck, goose in preschool to sporting events, dance competitions, and competing for the best grades in school later on in life, children are constantly surrounded by competition. 

For this reason, it’s no surprise that you may end up with an overly competitive child in your household.

Now,  competition isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, sometimes kids (and adults too!) need a little competition to motivate them to grow, learn, and better themselves.

That being said, if you’re a parent who has had to…

  • Listen to your daughter scream because she didn’t win a stinking game of tic-tac-toe
  • Witness your son knock over his friend’s science fair project because his friend won first place
  • Waste your time mediating fights between siblings who can’t play rock, paper, scissors without tears

…the idea of having competitive children in your home is enough to make you want to purchase a one-way ticket to Tahiti.

Here’s the good news…

If you have a competitive child, it is possible to teach him how to win AND lose graciously so you don’t have to deal with the tantrums, tears, and arguments. 

How? Check out my latest video to find out…

See, it is possible to promote healthy competition in your home in a way that everyone wins!

The next time you notice tension building in your competitive child, always remember to…

  • Have a chat with your child before she enters a competitive situation to help her mentally prepare for a loss in the event that she doesn’t win.
  • Remind your child of how to appropriately claim her victory or accept her defeat once a competition ends.
  • Set clear boundaries for your child in terms of how she can physically respond to losing a competition. Example: It’s ok to take a pillow and hit the floor with it. It is NOT ok to take a pillow and hit a person.

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