I’m A Mom Who Needs A Respite…

*A MOFAS special from Nicole R. Broe who is an active member in the community.  Born and raised in central MN, she now resides in central PA with her husband, three year old son, and two dogs.  Her passions include reading, writing, fostering causes in the community, and of course being a great Mom.


I Need A Respite….

from thinking how I normally don’t think.

Celebrating neuro-diversity every single day is exhausting. Period.


from family and friends thinking I’m a helicopter Mom.

My son can go from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds and it can take all day for him (actually all of us) to come back down.

Being one step ahead of him is a safety issue not a parenting issue. Thank you very much.


from complete strangers at the grocery store saying, “WOW! He has a lot of energy, wish I had some of that!” or every once in awhile the parish priest sneaking in a comment such as, “He was a live wire this morning.”.

Just say, “Can you please control your kid!”.


from my daily mantra being “don’t match fire with fire be the water”.

It’s so much easier sometimes to eat a bag of Doritos and let our little man run through the house, like a tornado, destroying all things in his path.


from my husband thinking I’m sexy.

Honey, I’m exhausted!


from wishing that my son’s brain injury was visible.

Like maybe a cast around his head. Something.

Something that would help society pause for a moment before the judgments and ignorance are casted.


from feeling angry, fearful, and lonely.

People I respect and admire say that I need to just be.

Be what?


from thinking life with a child with special needs will be different, after a respite.

There is no respite from a child with special needs.



from all the preparation it takes to make a respite happen.

It’s hard to not let the preparation trump the need for a respite.

I deserve it.

My family deserves it.

So just do it!


*What inspired Nicole to share this reflection:

“I took myself back to how I felt before I started coaching.  The common ground was annoyance, anger, fear and loneliness – it’s what brought me to tears at Samantha’s breakout session at MOFAS’ annual conference in 2013. I was triggered and inspired to do something about it.”

 “Acknowledging I need a respite, believing my family and I deserve a respite and knowing how much discipline it takes to just do it is exactly where I am after almost a year of some serious kick-ass coaching.”

“Needless to say, I’m so glad I gave myself the gift of coaching!

“It will be interesting to see what unfolds while being in a place of confidence, in the moment, having self-worth, appreciation, and gratitude.”

Thank you, as always, for reading and being a part of our very special community.  Please share a comment or reflection below.

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