I Suffered From “Back To Work” Sunday Depression Until I Learned This

Do you lose a full day of fun every Sunday because you already begin dreading your “back to work” Monday?

I did too, until I learned this…

…the tools to make a positive difference in families who have intense children.

My story is similar to many other therapists, teachers, and counselors.

I had the tools to help children with Autism, ADHD, and/or Sensory Processing Disorder become calmer and more cooperative during their school days.  However, when it came time to hand them back to parents it was never on a silver platter.

Children would argue, throw fits and use mean, disrespectful language before their seatbelt was buckled to leave the parking lot.  Parents lost that hopeful sparkle that was present only a moment earlier, when I cheerfully described their child’s wonderful listening and attention to our lesson of the day.

Eventually, everyone felt discouraged.

Now I know why!

In order to be the Most Effective Adult in the lives of challenging children it is critical to understand and use strategies that break patterns of resistance, defiance, and disrespect.

These patterns are engrained by 3-years of age and perpetuated by traditional teaching or parenting strategies such as time-outs, being sent to the principal’s office, or punishments of “no recess or fun-time.”

As professionals, we become the best when we learn how to use the latest, cutting-edge strategies proven by neuroscience to create more calm and connection with intense children…and exactly how to teach these to parents so they can be effective too.

What if you woke up Sunday morning feeling excited to have the whole day to play, rather than worrying about “back to work” Monday? (If you’re like me you might tuck into a good fiction book without feeling antsy.)

What if you knew the step-by-step process to help parents help their children connect more peacefully?

You can!

Join me Thursday, May 19 at 5:30pm at Fairview Southdale to discover the 8 core strategies that are critical to gain a child’s attention so they achieve their goals quicker. Plus, you will learn language to use with parents so they can get on the same page and successfully implement home programs without fighting or resistance.

CEUs available.

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